London Youth Theatre Education

The goal of the LYTE Program is simple - to instill a love of theatre in youth.

Every child is a wellspring of creativity and imagination just waiting to unfold. The LYTE (London Youth Theatre Education) Program is a place for your child to find that unique experience where learning meets with inspiration.

From its simple beginnings in 2004, the LYTE program has emerged as one of London’s leading youth drama programs. Built on a foundation of youth theatre education, our award winning LYTE program offers theatre training for children of all ages. At LYTE, youth ages 8-18 gain experience in acting, singing, and dancing in a positive inclusive environment. Through the LYTE program, children develop leadership and team building skills while gaining confidence and self-esteem.

LYTE has 2 companies. Our Junior Company is for ages 8-12 (grades 3-7) and our Senior Company is for ages 13-18 (grades 8+). LYTE’s Season is divided into the following programs:

Junior Main Stage Musical Program (September-December)
Senior Main Stage Musical Program (October- March)
Junior Spring Play (March-May)
Senior Spring Drama (March-May)
LYTE’s Annual Year End Gala (May-June)

Program registration dates are announced throughout the year. Join our Facebook Group (LYTE Members & Friends) and follow us on Instagram (lyteatthepalace). You can also contact us at [email protected]

LYTE’s Subsidy Program

LYTE strives to provide a professional quality theatre program for youth. We also believe that every child should have access to a theatre education, regardless of family finances. Our subsidy program was designed to assist parents with registration fees by deferring a portion of these costs.

All online program registration forms have a subsidy section to be completed during the registration process.  Should you have any questions about subsidies, please contact Program Coordinator Ruth Noonan for information.

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