2022 Shows

FringeBinge 2022
August 16-21, 2022 at The Palace Theatre

Main Stage and Procunier Hall - One Location, Two Venues
Presented by London Fringe


by Abhimanyu Acharya
Presented by First Steps Theatre
Written by Abhimanyu Acharya
Directed by Alexandra Rizkallah
Produced by First Steps Theatre
Cast – Preston Cooper, Marlaine Ramoodith
'Boundaries' is an allegorical two hander where the changing power dynamic between the characters prompts questions of colonialism and racism in the context of shifting global boundaries and national relations. - Abhimanyu Acharya
An incredibly thought-provoking light drama.

Audience – PG13 – Has the F-word written once per the PG-13 rating, but nothing scarier than that!
URL - https://www.firststepstheatre.com/
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Maybe Jon Bon Jovi Was Right

Written by and performed by Jon Higgin.
Presented by Star Forrest Productions.

Passing Notes

Written and Performed by Aleena Needham.
Directed by William Needham
Produced by My Neighbour’s Attic Theatre Productions
Performed by Aleena Needham
In a faraway motel, eyes in the mirror send shivers down your spine. Nosey neighbours peer through windows from houses on different streets. A haunting tale of souls bound by what they don’t see. Maeve talks to spirits, Nettie talks to strangers, Henry talks to himself as they’re Passing Notes.
Passing Notes will strongly appeal to lovers of the supernatural, the abandoned and the unexplained. This show premiered at Fundy Fringe in 2018 and left theatre reviewers “wanting more.” You will laugh, cry, and ponder!
Audience – – Mature audience (18 and over) – Gunshots, occult, mature themes
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Stick, Stick, Stuck

Created and Performed by Nicolas H Noguera
Produced by 42 Electric Blue
A young man arrives in the new level of some grand game. There are a bunch of sticks. There is a goal, but they aren’t sure what to do, and time is running out. They balance, they dance, they flip, they experiment, they create. They try their best to get out of this new level. But it seems they are stuck.
Stick Stick Stuck is a dance theatre story about failure, success, and never giving up. A dramatic dance adventure.
General entertainment with mature emotional themes.
Instagram– @42electricblue

Tango, To The Pointe

Choreographed and Directed by Alexander Richardson
Produced by PointeTango
Cast – Erin Scott-Kafadar, Alexander Richardson
Have you ever seen tango danced wearing one heel and one pointe shoe? This new and innovative style of dance will keep you on your toes!
Award-winning dance company, PointeTango, returns to the stage with a spectacular new show where ballet and tango coalesce. With powerful lifts and fiery footwork, audiences will be mesmerized by PointeTango’s sultry duo as they pirouette, leap and bourrée across the stage with the passion of Argentine tango…on Pointe!
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Audience – General Entertainment – Flashing LED lights in a strobe effect
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Website –pointetango.com
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The Tempest

by William Shakespeare.
Presented by Liam Grunte Theatre.
Cast – Emma Berube; Christopher Noble; Kendall Robertson; Christian L. Caissie; Shawn Dyson; Timothy Richards; Jessica O’Neill; Jacob Wiley; Greg Penney; Andrew Jennings; Elyse Broczkowski; Luigi Galdamez
Lighting Design: Logan Murray
Sound Design and Original Music: Jay Jacobs; Ryan Wilson
Robbed of position and wealth, Prospero, is left isolated on a mystical island. Using the magic of the island, he creates a vast storm that wrecks his enemies’ ship, washing its crew on shore. They wake to find themselves lost on a fantastical island where nothing is as it seems.
It has everything! Romance, magic, betrayal, revenge it’s classic Shakespeare and his last solo creation! The 55-minute format leaves nothing out and will delight both novice and connoisseur alike.
Audience – PG13 for implied mature themes – Some flashing lights sequences may affect photosensitive viewers. Some sounds may affect those with sensitive auditory systems.


Tuesday to Friday, 6:00pm, 7:30pm and 9:00pm

Saturday, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm and 9:00 pm

Sunday, 1:00pm, 2:30pm and 4:00pm
Runtime - Each show is less than 1 hour in length
Ticket Price: $15 (including fees)
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FringeBinge 2022