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Audition Call for David French’s, Leaving Home:

In production at Procunier Hall from June 3rd to June 16th with rehearsals starting mid-March.

The play takes place in Toronto over one evening in 1957, when two young teenagers, Billy and Kathy, have to get married the next day, as she’s pregnant. This should be the main focus but when other issues, like the fact that Billy’s Dad and Kathy’s Mom dated, while growing up in NL or that Ben, Billy’s older brother, isn’t happy living at home anymore, surface, the play quickly twists and turns off course. When it debuted in 1972, it instantly became a Canadian Classic and its timeless theme about the pivotal moment in practically everyone’s life when one “leaves home” still resonates with audiences today.

Cast Required:

Billy: A 17 year old, who’s terrified of the prospect of becoming a husband, father and having to leave the comfort of his parents’ home at such a young age. Can look 17-22 years old.

Ben: At 18 years old, has just graduated from high school and is university bound however the cracks in his strained relationship with his Dad splinter into pieces on this particular evening. Can look 18-23 years old.

Minnie: A 50 year old firecracker, who’s been recently widowed but is bound to make the most of her life, much to the dismay of her daughter, Kathy, who’s constantly embarrassed by her mother wild antics, loose tongue and carefree lifestyle. Needs a NL accent.

The other acting roles in this play have already been cast.

Auditions will take at the Palace Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 4th from 1 – 4pm and Wednesday evening, Feb. 7th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Please email Juels at [email protected] for a time slot and excerpts from the script. If you’re auditioning for one of the male roles, please be prepared to audition for both roles. Auditions will consist of readings from the play with some of the other actors.