COVID Updates

COVID Updates

In accordance with current Provincial COVID regulations, the requirement for our patrons to provide Vaccination Passports has been made optional for businesses and the Palace Theatre will not be verifying Proof of Vaccination.

In keeping with the desire of the Palace Theatre to put patron safety first, the theatre will be adhering to the following protocols effective March 18, 2022:

Our Main stage seating limit will be 175 of our 350 seats. Procunier Hall seating capacity will be 35 of 70 seats. 

Our concessions will be open selling drinks and snacks which may be consumed only while being seated. No outside food or drink will be allowed.

We strongly encourage social distancing and the use of masks unless you are seated.

We will continue to re-evaluate these protocols and will provide updates as circumstances dictate. 

Thank you for continuing to support the Palace Theatre during these trying times.

COVID Protocols