I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

Directed by James Patterson 




Jan is a young wife recovering from a nervous
disorder. She and her husband Greg rent a remote cabin from an odd farmer who
delights in telling gruesome ghost stories. Then Greg’s strange sister Laura arrives,
and all manner of frightening events occur.



Cast of Characters


Greg Sanderson – Age
25-35. Greg is a Ph.D. student, though he should be quite handsome despite a
stiff academic exterior. He must exude a quirky charm and have a certain sexual


Jan Sanderson – Age
20-30. Greg’s wife. Pretty, delicate, and vulnerable, a very trusting soul.  She’s in the mold of Audrey Hepburn in
“Wait Until Dark” or Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby.


George Willowby – Age 40-70. George is the
comic relief – on the surface he’s a loveable old farmer who loves to spin tall
and horrendously morbid tales – especially to gullible city folk. He has a
raucous laugh, especially at his own jokes. He should be loveable, but a little
odd.  The role requires an actor with a
good sense of both comedy and drama – especially comic timing.

Laura Sanderson – Age 25-35. Greg’s sister. Laura is strikingly beautiful, cool
and distant by nature, although very capable of turning on the charm when she
feels it will serve her purpose. She is a businesswoman and has little time for
Jan’s vulnerability, although in her own way she is just as vulnerable.



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