London Youth Theatre Education

The goal of the LYTE Program is simple - to instill a love of theatre in youth.

Every child is a wellspring of creativity and imagination just waiting to unfold. The LYTE (London Youth Theatre Education) Program is a place for your child to find that unique experience where learning meets with inspiration.

From its simple beginnings in 2004, the LYTE program has emerged as one of London’s leading youth drama programs. Built on a foundation of youth theatre education, our award winning LYTE program offers theatre training for children of all ages.

Through our program selection, participants discover the many dimensions of acting and stage arts, along with those of lighting, sound, props, and costumes. Voice training, dance choreography and the principles of stage performance combine to create a dynamic experience, as participants engage in the magic of theatre.

Family members join in the magic as young actors take to the Palace Theatre main stage or Procunier Hall showcasing their talents in full musical productions and plays.

Program registration dates are announced throughout the year. Watch for us on Facebook or email LYTE at [email protected]

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