Show Synopsis

“Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley” is a delightful play that serves as a sequel to Jane Austen’s beloved novel, “Pride and Prejudice.” Set during the holiday season, it takes place two years after the events of the original novel.  It is a heartwarming tale of how Mary Bennet finds a husband. Through love, family, and forgiveness, the characters come together to create a Christmas miracle. Communication and a touch of fate play their part in convincing Mary and Arthur that they are meant for each other.

Show Information

The show dates are Nov 27 to Dec 8 2024.  Rehearsals start in September.

Director – Debra Chantler

Producer – Mariann Sawyer

Stage Manager – Cindi Armer Alemeida


Mary Bennet: age 20 to 25 -The middle sister of the Bennet family, Mary has often been overlooked as a spinster who may never marry. However, in this play, we get to know her better. She is lonely and stuck at home with her parents and youngest sister, Kitty. She is intelligent, curious and lively but her family still see her as a spinster. She does not suffer fools well.  Mary’s life takes an interesting turn when Mr. Darcy’s cousin, Arthur De Bourgh, arrives at Pemberley for Christmas.

Arthur De Bourgh: age 25 to 30 – Mr. Darcy’s cousin, Arthur, is studious, unsociable and awkward around women. He is an only child who has recently inherited a large estate and doesn’t know what to do with it. He prefers books to people. However he shares Mary’s interests and enjoys talking to her. Their relationship seems promising until Arthur’s cousin, Lady Anne, unexpectedly shows up and claims that they are engaged to be married. This twist sets the stage for a delightful romantic journey.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Darcy: age 25 to 30 – Now married to Mr. Darcy, Lizzy hosts Christmas at their grand estate, Pemberley. She is the gracious, witty and warm-hearted hostess, ensuring that the holiday celebrations go smoothly.  Her best friend is her sister Jane.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: 30 to 35 – A loving, generous, and vigilant husband of Elizabeth.  To some he seems stiff but that is because he is shy.  He tends to be quite in large gatherings.  He often sees things that others miss. He knows what it is like to be lovelorn.

Jane Bingley:  age 25 to 30 – Jane, Lizzy’s sister, is seven months pregnant. She is sweet and kind hearted. She and her husband, Mr. Bingley, join the festivities at Pemberley. Jane’s gentle nature and excitement about impending motherhood add to the festive spirit.

Charles Bingley: age 27 to 35 – Charming, gracious and happy.  Very excited about becoming a father. Devoted to his wife Jane.  A true and steady friend.

Lydia Wickham: age 17 to 22 – Flirtatious, youthful and self-centered. Still pretending that her marriage to Mr. Wickham isn’t a total disaster.  She loves parties and strives always to be the center of attention. Lydia brings her lively and unpredictable energy to Pemberley. Her presence adds some drama to the holiday gathering.

Anne De Bourgh: age in her 20’s – Arthur’s cousin, Lady Anne, plays a pivotal role in the unfolding events.  She is judgemental and impatient like her mother Lady Catherine.  Her unexpected arrival complicates matters and challenges Mary and Arthur’s budding relationship.

Maid age  20 to 30 – none speaking roll.  Will interact with cast as needed.

Audition Information

Audition dates are June 13 and 14 in the evening – 7 to 10 pm and the morning of June 15 – 10am to noon.  Call backs if needed will be 2pm June 15.  To book an audition appointment please email [email protected].  Please prepare a 1 minute monolog. You will also be asked to cold read from the script.  Auditions will be held at the Palace Theatre in the Maryse Leach Hall. Please enter through the Box Office.